Thursday, 21 June 2012

caza azul...i'm about to upload it..

so i changed everything in the garden a little bit.. and took night shots... i really cant wait to finish it^^

funny i used a frida kahlo picture in an other future upload :)

...but not now, not today or this week, this lot will be fully furnished, in the typicall mexican style..
I dont know, if you know how caza azul looks like, but i think i'm very close to the original^^



  1. beautiful!!
    I'm waiting to get this

  2. I live a few blocks away from Casa Azul. This is beautiful! :D

    1. No way! Really?? It is one of my big dreams, to see fridas house... Maybe somehow in the future...;)

    2. Yep, really! :D You've never been there? Wow well this is a wonderful replica of it! I hope you can visit it one day, you'll love it. :)