Monday, 30 July 2012

*!SURPRISE SURPRISE!* Free Living is already uploaded!


I think it's the best house ever.. .. But with a big a** CC.. ;)

I dont know if I forgot something, if it is so, tell me whats missing and I will look for that.. but I think I found every package data!, but (I dont know why) some patterns are always missing! So I upload the styles for the objects, So if an object, what was coulurful on the photo, now is showin up white in the game, just klick on change style and there should be a recoulour version...

here are the links for some patterns you need: Shock & Shame
                                                                     Pixel Goodies 1
                                                                     Pixel Goodies 2

Sims 3 Store :

Corsair Table
The Dramatic Palm 
Haute Hip Panther Sculpture
Chair al Fresco
Athenas Olive Tree
20,000 Palms Under The Sea
Flux Flora
North Star Seeker
Serious Artist's Easel
Floral Fruits
Forever Living Plant
Happenin' Hamper
Dreamy Dryer
Rahul's Josher Washer
Oh and the Walls from the Outside: Walls
The rest CC is included

Credit goes to every Creator of Objects! Cuz without them it would look like nutz! ;)

you need Lucky Palms to place that Lot right -->  Lucky Palms

I Use Worldadventure, Ambitions & Pets. Have fun :)