Monday, 27 August 2012

New Sim

so, I'm back! I had a lot of trouble with the internet and my sims 3 game.. I reinstalled everything and installed everything again (also bought another EP: late night ^.^) so.. anyway, somehow I did not saved "Modern Cottage".. I need to build it again,
and the "We Love Flowers" house need some other patterns.. So much in there is looking white after installing it.. So give me another week..

If youre interested, I uploaded my favourite Sim Florina Tikini for you:


you need: Tattoos

rest CC is included, have fun

P.s I'm not sure if I used a skintone for her, but I dont think So.. If you have problems with installing her tell me^^

                           Sims 3 Pack  CC included-> DOWNLOAD

                           Only Saved Sim file(without CC)  --> Download

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Im sorry guys, my internet is not working and I can only write posts from my phone... As soon as I can use the world wide web again from my computer, the modern cottage and the flower house will be uploaded!!

... I'm going to take a nap ;)