Friday, 27 July 2012

Free Living Preview..

.. its not done yet, but I think this is going to win, and I changed some things in that house, so I show you them....   I used a lot OMSP ;)

2nd Area... :


  1. OMG I love this house !!!!!Icant wait for this house :D
    Thank you for uploading this wonderful house :)

  2. It's very nice when do u think it would be up?

    1. When I finished the bathroom.. The bedroom and the outside ;)..

      Haha ^^
      maybe another week or so, cuz I need to find the packagedatas :)

      Oh yeah and the cellar isnt done yet too... But I wanna furnish it completly and therefore I also need to copy styles of the objects and upload them becouse some patterns dont show up in the download... And when I download a house Im pissed when the patterns are missing^^
      Also this lot would look like s*** without some patterns^^ whatever Its done soon^^

  3. your decorating is amazing! I cant wait to download this house.....